Light Show

A typical pre-party setup

A.C. Music includes a dazzling, 16-piece light show in its flat-fee service rate.

You get ALL the lights featured here, plus, we choreograph the lighting system for each song.

You'll enjoy ...

        Eight shining color beams that pulse to the rhythm of the music
Mirror Ball! The soft glow of the spotlights and mirror ball to set a romantic mood on close slow dances . . (colors changed to match party decor)
The spinning "moonflower" to groove during swingin' oldies
The tumbling "vertigo" color spots to energize today's latest dance hits
Special scanning lights to highlight songs like YMCA 
An optional strobe light to jazz up sections of fast rock songs


Our 16-piece light show has plenty of variety to keep your guests dancing the night away!

Yes, EVERYTHING is included in our flat-fee rate!

For more information, e-mail A.C. Music, or call us at 217-787-2523.